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What We Do

Recycled Movie Sets is the entertainment industry leader in set wall rentals and diversion for film and TV production, music videos, art galleries, immersive experiences and more.

Our inventory comes from productions who have chosen reuse over disposal. Their green initiatives and environmentally conscious production choices give ongoing life to resources that many companies still throw away.

With over 30,000 square feet of reusable scenery, our product brings big budget value to any size production. Scenery, materials, photo and art gallery walls are available in packages or as individual elements to suit your design.

RMS is not here to compete with the high end fabrication shops who donate their product to us. Instead, we provide our rental service to help many clients meet their low budget production needs. It should be noted that we rent a reusable product, that has natural imperfections. We prefer to rent our product as is, but have the growing ability to prep and modify in house upon request. This option helps bring extremely low budget projects to life.

Additional services include: Transportation, Shop Space Rental, Storage and Creative Consulting.

All Inventory is available for sale and for rent.

Big dreams, little budget

Our History

Established in 2012, Recycled Movie Sets began as an experiment to see if keeping scenery out of the landfill could be a viable option. The primary goal being to divert items from the landfill and find a new life for them.

We began taking donations from a variety of productions to see if the reclaimed materials would have value for consumers, filmmakers, artists, nonprofits, and more. Today, we have over 30,000 square feet of inventory available for sale and rent, including lumber, linoleum, custom steel structures, art gallery walls, and movie sets. Come get some!

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Our Team

Recycled Movie Sets hires and trains versatile second-chance individuals that are gaining experience through work, and did not necessarily start out as film industry or art department professionals. We are a strong family that works as a team to provide the best possible service.

We pride ourselves in timeliness, customer care, and providing a massive inventory with something for everyone. Feel free to make an appointment to see what we're all about!

Chase White, the founder of Recycled Movie Sets

About the Founder

Chase White moved to Los Angeles in 1997 and began working in production during the dot-com boom, quickly rising from PA to 1st AD, ultimately ending up in Production Management for Commercials and on-air Comedy Specials.

In 2002, Chase began recycling beverage containers in the summertime for live events and music festivals. Using the CRV Refunds to mentor kids to make films, he traveled with the students to Brazil and Costa Rica, under the banner of Recycled Movie.org.

In 2012 the team at EcoSet Consulting encouraged Chase to take some materials and see what he could do with them. Combining production experience with environmental passion and hard work, Recycled Movie Sets rose out of the landfill onto the pages of history.

Chase is always happy to offer clients insight and encouragement, ensuring they get the products best suited to their budget and needs. His knowledge of production and logistics make him a great collaborator, because he understands the challenges of bringing a project to life.

On his days off Chase can be found hiking, sailing or working with his bees here in Los Angeles... the same bees that made their home in the set walls of RMS over 4 years ago, and now live a happy life pollinating the hills of Silverlake.

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